About the AzureFabric blog and me

The main reason for AzureFabric is to have a place where i document selected work and have a “go to” place with structured information and guides, i also hope this blog will be of any use to the community and that sharing will spark ideas, conversations and more knowledge sharing.

This blog and its topics will mainly be about Microsoft Azure and how to leverage it to its fullest potential providing the optimal IT solution for the specific need, Microsoft Azure is grooving rapidly and it is not possible to keep up with all the innovating features and solutions being added almost weekly, it is here we can help each other and this blog is my way to contribute. Also by sharing i need to review and double check the information once more and this way i will repeat and learn it.

I will try to have a lot of “proven practices” in my posts that is a reflection of solutions i have had the privileged to implement in my daily work.

On a more selfish note i am counting on feedback on the information posted and even solutions to issues i encounter where i cannot find information to solve it.


My name is Michael Jonsson and i work as an Azure Specialist for Avanade Denmark, all posts in this blog is my own and is not a reflection or representation of  Avanade.

All content is provided “AS-IS” with no warranties or guarantees


For the name AzureFabric i need to credit an former colleague Jesper Nilsson, Azure is the Blue color of the sky and Fabric is a way of building (or textile composition) but for us nerds its all about Cloud Computing and in this case with Microsoft Azure.

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