Cloudburst Malmö reflections – Community rocks!

So this year Cloudburst was also hosted in Malmö by Skåne Azure User Group sponsored by FooCafe.

I often think about the commitment it takes to arrange something like this, and then when it kicks off i remember why this is so fun and why there are so many events driven by community.

Big thanks to the CloudBurst Organizers and an extra thanks to Magnus for the Skåne push.
Also the speakers! Thank you for for the efforts with traveling, preparations etc, hero stuff 🙂

Cloudburst Organizers:
Microsoft Azure MVP
Alan Smith and
Regional Director and Microsoft Azure MVP
Magnus Mårtensson.
For additional Azure events in Stockholm also check out
Stockholm Azure Meetup.

It is just amazing the experience and knowledge that is poured out in these meetups and conferences, all free of charge and even sponsored with food and drinks many times.

Big kudos to companies that recognize the value something like this gives to your peers and many cases even the business, and even bigger kudos to the ones that are sponsoring an event like this.

There where 6 sessions during the day with break an lunch, so 8 hours spent together, learning new things and connecting with neew peers.

Even some swag and stickers where shared.


Sticker rush


The sessions

Packed schedule with a lot of interesting things, truly CloudBurst!

  • CosmosDB
  • Kubernetes
  • Logic Apps
  • Azure Functions
  • Security for container
  • Governance
  • Etc…

Mark Brown

Karl Ots

Adi Polak and Sven Rupert

Maarten Balliauw

Rik Hepworth

The sessions where recorded except one (sorry Steef-Jan!)

Recordings will eventually be posted here

Here are links to material, code and presentations for the sessions.

This was an amazing day again for Azure Skåne User Group and just 8 days later we are doing the Global AI Night with an impressive agenda! Go community! 🙂


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