Script to invite externals to Azure Machine Learning Workspace governed by RBAC

Some time ago I helped Microsoft to facilitate an AI workshop for a university in Denmark, part of the day included hands on labs. Some of  the Labs was to work in the “new” Machine Learning workspace (evolution of the Machine learning studio) The workspace concept is simlar to the Databricks workspace in the sense … Read more

Global AI Bootcamp 2019 in Malmö

For this year’s Global AI Bootcamp we followed up the success we had last year and the Global AI Night we had in September!The Agenda this time had 3 Presentations from 3 different speakers and after the presentations we had a multitude of Hands on Labs options. We started with listening to the 10 minute … Read more

The Community Cloud Advent Calendars!

Community Is bringing the Christmas spirit! Loving all these initiatives with Advent calendars, so much available training coming up. You can keep yourself busy all December learning new things! First tip 25 times 3 video blog a 20-30 min on Azure topics high and low. Perfect initiative by @Gregor_suttie and @Pixel_Robots Follow with #azureadventcalender … Read more

Azure and other clouds – ICON hunt

If you do design drawings and presentations, you would like to have updated ICONS to reflect the actual platform. Thats where the Azure and other clouds ICON hunt starts. Where are the latest stencils? Especially when everyone is trying to get their presentations for MSIgnite finished 🙂 In this post I will give you some … Read more

Adding Azure Hybrid Benefit to the ARM Template Deployment

How do you add Azure Hybrid benefit to your automated Azure Resource Manager deployment? In this post i will talk about what and why AHB and how to automate enablement in the deployment What is AHB AHB Tips Add to ARM Template Check AHB Convert existing non AHB to AHB Template in demo repo What … Read more

Domain join Azure VMs from ARM template with Key Vault secured credentials – Part 3

Part 1: Prerequisites and Key Vault Part 2: ARM Template and JsonADDomainExtension, details Part 3: Summary, Thoughts and flaws In part one I talked about Prerequisites and Key Vault In part two I talked about ARM Template and JsonADDomainExtension details In this part we are doing a deployment for domain join, a summary and pointing … Read more