Skåne Azure User Group and AI!

Skåne Azure Usergroup has been engaged in the Global AI Community from the start in 2018, the community has grown exponentially and has branched out to several initiatives.

  • Global AI Boot camp – In December
  • Global AI Nights – In September
  • Global AI Tour – March to May

The main one is the Global AI Boocamp, it was followed up by Global AI Nights and new from 2020 will be the Global AI Tour.


Skåne Azure Usergroup has had a really solid engagement with these events and have many terrific speakers and attendees to thank for that.

The knowledge sharing, the networking and learning from these occasions are hard to put a price on 🙂

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It started with the first Global AI BootCamp in December 2018. That was really a great start with 120 signups and we had to close the registration due to limited space!

Many learnings from the event covering

  • The Microsoft way of doing AI
  • Popular AI toolsets, compute engines and methodologies
  • Machine Learning
  • Microsoft Bot Framework
  • Natural Language Understanding
  • Hololens

Gobal AI Nights

In April we actually had Henk Boelman, one of the founders of the AI community, visiting the  Skåne Azure Usergroup among other prominent community Heroes and talking about the Global AI Nights that was in the works. Naturally Azure Skåne Usergroup jumped on that initative and  we followed up with the Global AI Night in September, and again had some great knowledgesharing happeing,  Global AI Night in September 2019

Topics this time:

  • Put your ML into production
  • Why AI/ML project are different

Global AI Bootcamp 2019

And the latest Global AI Bootcamp that happened 14 December 2019 was packed with great content, Robot interaction, networking and Hands on labs.

Read more details here.

Really looking forward to upcoming events and keeping exploring the democritized AI while learning the “non democritized AI” 🙂

If you are interested in digging into Azure (Microsoft) AI services or projects here are some resources to dig into.

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