Quick tip for Azure Subscription and resource Security baseline

Also look into my previous post on Microsoft Cybersecurity and Azure Security. Contains some tips and details on getting started with Azure Security Center, Azure Security best practices and patterns, Microsoft Cybersecurity reference Architecture etc.

Quick tip to secure your Azure Subscription and Resources!

Two tools to you can use to construct a first working baseline for your security posture,

Steps to a security baseline

Combining the ASC service and the AzSK tool gives a great start on your security baseline, follow these simple steps to get started.

1: Check the Azure Security Center

With the ASC you can get a security score and recommendations on improving that score

2: Install and run AzSK commands “Get-AzSKSubscriptionSecurityStatus” +  “Get-AzSKAzureServicesSecurityStatus”

Scans you subscription and resources for security configuration recommendations

Details for AzSK

  • 1. install the kit
  • 2. Run the command Get-AzSKSubscriptionSecurityStatus -SubscriptionId <SubscriptionId>
  • 3: Run the command Get-AzSKAzureServicesSecurityStatus -SubscriptionId <SubscriptionId>
  • 4: Read the documentation for interpretation of the output.

I have used it for “inventory” scanning purpose, to establish a security baseline.

It gives great insights and is a great complement to the security center recommendations. AzSK needs some rights in the sub but you get that info in the output if you are lacking the rights.

So i am using this in the sense to do a security inventory “health check” on the subscription and the resources.

So now you have the ASC Secure score and the AzSK output…. Now you have enough headache for some months of work to fix the findings 🙂

Ideally you get this implemented in the DevOps culture and the CI/DC pipelines and minimize any gaps.

Install CICD extension for visual studio.

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