VSCode Extensions for ARM template authoring

When Authoring Azure Resource Manager templates my preferred tool is VSCode, previous it was ATOM but that was a long time ago…

VSCode out of the box needs some extensions to give a richer Authoring experience, in this post I am trying to guide to some great extensions.

I have two great resources to share to get a complete ARM extension list to install.


  1. First I would advise you to spend 14 minutes on this excellent video by @SamCoga
  2. Then check out day 17 of the excellent initiative 100 days of IAC by @reirujo and @pzerger / Ryan (github:starkfell) and Pete (github:pzerger)

From these resources you will get a nice complete toolset extension list to install.


From the resources some are overlapping, and some are not directly relating to ARM templating so I made the below list to more direct get you to the point.

Command line installation

If you have installed Git you can also install the extensions via command (if installing now please choose default editor to be VSCode during the installation)

Chose the bash terminal in VSCode and run the commands

(If you are running the insiders VSCode then add -insiders to the command ex: code-insiders  –install-extension msazurermtools.azurerm-vscode-tools –force )

  • code –install-extension msazurermtools.azurerm-vscode-tools –force
  • code –install-extension samcogan.arm-snippets –force
  • code –install-extension wilfriedwoivre.arm-params-generator –force
  • code –install-extension ed-elliott.azure-arm-template-helper –force
  • code –install-extension bencoleman.armview –force
  • code –install-extension ms-vscode.PowerShell –force
  • code –install-extension ms-vscode.azurecli –force
  • code –install-extension ms-vsts.team –force
  • code –install-extension vscode.azure-account –force

Additional resources

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