All Sysinternals tools in OneDrive

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Quick guide

  1. Download synctools and extract the synctools.exe file to a OneDrive folder
  2. Run synctools.exe from a command line
  3. When updates are to be expected just run the tool again and it will updated all tools to latest version

“Guide below has the extra step of downloading the Sysinternal suite and that is not nescessary, just download the synctool and run it”

Detailed guide

Sysinternals tools by @Mark Russinovich are a set of GREAT must have tools, once you start using them you cannot live without them. I started using Zoomit a lot but every time I was on another workstation, I needed to download it, after some time I needed another one of the tools and had to download it, i thought about always having access to all sysinternals tools in OneDrive and downloaded the Sysinternals Suite to a folder in my OneDrive.

Then I added the synctools to the same folder.

Synctools described here, credit to @kennykerr

Once everything downloaded to OneDrive open Power shell or CMD prompt an run Synctools.exe, it will check status of the tools and start downloading and updating to the newest versions.

The latest versions are now in your OneDrive folder. (I had not updated my tools in a long time before this blogpost)

If you want to learn how to use the tools,


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    • A detail i missed since i already had the suit downloaded, thanks for the information Kenny and thanks for a great tool.

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