How to read the Azure documentation pages

As mentioned in previous post it might feel like you have to invest some time to get a grip around Azure and browsing around for guides gives you contradicting information due to the rapid deployment of new features and functions to Azure.

Focusing on the IaaS part of Azure I started to write a framework guide how to plan, deploy and how to account for new features, but then it would only be another guide that needed to be tested. Instead, I will focus on the provided documentation from Microsoft and try to ease up the massive volumes of text. But also the documentation pages and its format has changed over time so I hope my notes will be useful for some time.


How to read the Azure documentation pages

Here you will find the guidelines implementing Azure services

As you see on the date, the article was recently updated, look at the comments also, sometimes the information there is something to consider.

If you look, at the documentation, this part has been updated and NOTE: sections are added to highlight changes made to the service or other information that needs to be considered.

Also if I check the GitHub source I get information of what has been changed, added or deleted. If I am starting a new project or helping a customer with planning I look here to get a quick update if there I something I need to consider that was not relevant last time.


A guide I wrote for own use, almost a year ago, and was a quick guide for getting started with a Hybrid model had these steps to it.

  1. Start a subscription
  2. Create an affinity group
  3. Create storage account
  4. Create virtual Network
  5. Create Cloud service
  6. Create virtual machine
  7. Create availability sets

If you have read the guidelines implementing Azure services and looked at the NOTE: sections you quickly see what has changed and what I need to revise in my guide.

Do you have any tips for finding useful information please share them in a comment or ask a question?

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