My top 3 tips for technical information searching about Azure

If you are new to Azure you probably will start with deploying a VM and trying out the functions, but it will take a lot of trying out to get a full picture and getting comfortable with the Basics of Azure. In a big picture, the IaaS offering in Azure is rather simple to understand if you accept the framework and rules of the Azure platform.

There are a lot of getting started guides provided on the web but you will spend a lot time trying to decide what guide will fit your purpose, and if you look at guides older than 3 months there will probably be new features to leverage. (It really is a “try keeping up game” since Satya took over)

My top 3 tips for information searching about Azure (most updated and recent information)

  1. Always start with the official sites; the information there is likely to be most relevant and up to date. Azure
    You might need to patient and learn where to find the information (Bing and Google might help if you set to only search on the main site)


  2. Do the first search generally and then narrow down the search, at least to the past year. (For example Windows Azure changed name to Microsoft Azure, I am not saying the information older is invalid, it’s just a tip)
  3. Find some dedicated technicians that continuously post information on their blogs, twitters etc. This is hard since it takes time to find solid sources that keeps posting relevant and valid information. In my Links section I will keep adding and deleting links to blogs that I find useful and that I can vouch for. Look at them and please give me feedback if something is missing or should not be there, I think I have saved you some months of digging 😉

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