Azure AZ-100 and AZ-101 Curated study links on GitHub

While studying for the Azure certification AZ-102 i saw the tweets from @techtrainertim on tips for AZ-100 and AZ-101 and several times found the tips to align with my studying. So i thought i would consolidate all of them and keep a repo that i can revert back to.

After some Microsoft Flow, Excel, Logic Apps and VS Code fiddling i ended up with this result. Microsoft-Azure-Exams-Tips

I asked Tim if it was ok that i consolidated his tips and published them, as you see it was ok 🙂

This has helped me to quickly be able to find the right link for the specific topic and quickly read thru and get answers.

Hopefully you get some use from this and please feel free to fork and do pull request if you find any better suited links etc.

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