Azure learning and exam tips

I took my Azure certifications pretty early, the 70-533: December 16, 2014 and 70-534: November 10, 2015. i think one of them was a beta exam also.

The 70-534 was retired and replaced with 70-535 to be aligned with ARM if i recall correctly.

I have actively sought out to be engaged with Azure since April 2013 when Azure IaaS went generally available, almost full 6 years of having my day to day work in the cloud 🙂 It has been and continue to be a passion for me. I have some nice success cases in the baggage and also experience of when the cloud was not the right solution. Yes, the cloud is not always the answer, despite what the marketing machine says 🙂

So i need to refresh and take some exams!

AZ-102 is a transition exam i can take before june 2019 but the AZ-302 is out of range due to the retirement of 70-534

 so there i need to take both AZ-300 and AZ-301.

Here is a great overview of the certifications, credit to @Iainfielding

I found some spot on one liner tips from @TechTrainerTim tweets  and gathered them in a curated list with direct links to the topic.

Will most likely blog about the process how this list came together at some point.

There are a bunch of great blog posts out there for study motivation and guidance.

Thanks to Gregor Suttie

Thanks to Thomas Thornton

Thanks to Peter Klapwijk

Free online courses for Microsoft 365 and Azure

And so on…

Also look at this list of learning resources.

Hope this helps in getting certified.

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