Azure is part of the 4th industrial revolution!

The #TechGathering –  Microsoft Ireland Tech Gathering

I looked at the at the Keynote from Brad Smith when he and Satya, where to announce the intentions on investment i European Cloud presence, and the release of a Microsoft book “A Cloud for Global Good”.  The Keynote from Brad (on stage 36 minutes in) was spot on in putting words, pictures and vision in what the IT industry is going through at the moment.

I have been trying to explain this for myself and for my colleagues but have not found the right format, now i have it summarized in  1 hour by watching this keynote, and specially the first 15 minutes of Brad Smiths keynote. This is high level strategy thinking,  but it is getting more and more part of everyday projects as a Cloud Technician on a technical and solution level.

A quick reflection on the revolutions Brad mentiones.

Defining engines in each revolution

  • Steam Engine
  • Electrical Powerplant
  • Combustion Engine
  • Micro Processor – (THE CLOUD)

I am happy to be in the middle of this 4th revolution 🙂


Here is a tour of the Azure ENGINE that enables the fourth industrial revolution. (There are more clouds than Azure to credit for the revolution)

A more visual version.

Here is the Book and here is the URL to “A Cloud For Global Good”


There where alot more info in this keynote and i recommend this write up by Aidan Finn.

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