Getting started with Serverless in Azure with Azure Functions

Curious about serverless or already joined the serverless movement?

This post focuses on Azure Functions as the serverless component, a really useful “just throw code at it” service that lets you be flexible, agile, scalable and all other nice cloudy buzz superlatives that you can think of.

Just jump in an try it! Get some bearings and then start thinking of own use cases and where a function can be applied.

I have a list of links below that will help you get started and get some inspiration, you are just a couple of clicks away from having a serverless feature at your disposal.

But first, a great meetup tip!

It is with great pleasure the Skåne Azure User Group invites you to a uniqe opportunity for a Q&A with Nir Mashkowski, the Director of Program Management for the Azure Functions and Azure App Service Team @Microsoft.

The event will be held @_FooCafe_ on Wednesday 30/5 starting 17.00.

Do not miss the chance to get insights from the very source on Azure serverless

Now the Links i promised!

Getting started

Azure Serverless cloud services Comparison


Channel 9




Simple Azure Function, vs code, bot and custom Alexa Skill.


Break through the serverless barriers with Azure Functions

Event Grid and Azure Functions.. True story 🙂


An IoT challenge

Serverless Cookbook



Kafka and Azure Functions

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