Speaker at Experts Live Netherlands 2018, Azure, Big Data etc.

First time speaker @ExpertsliveNL, honored to have been selected and looking forward to it!

Next week on Tuesday 19/6 in Ede, Netherlands 16:15-17:15 i will be holding a session covering what i learned engaging in an early adoption of HDInsight, Azure Data Lake, Azure Data Lake Analytics, some OSS components and the vision to build a modern data platform.

A Microsoft IT pros guide to the HDInsight and the swarm of open source solutions it comes with

The session is one hour but the topic could be a session for some weeks :), i think i have managed to get a nice flow in the presentation and demos to accompany the message. Please join the session and let me know what could be improved, trying to guide you as an IT pro through some of my the hard learned lessons

See you in Ede next week!



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