AI and Big Data Landscape

AI is probably a key thing most companies are investing money and time in today. AI has been a thing for almost 70 years and have gone through two winters (where investments dropped), but today we are experiencing fast results in AI projects and much due to Cloud solutions. Experts say there will be no more winters.

I was fortunate to be selected to speak at Expertslive Netherlands in June, my session touches on the intelligent platform that is the foundation for executing AI work.

During #MSInspire i will be looking deeper into the AI and Big Data tracks, sessions and focus some networking towards this. The future is looking really interesting and it is exiting to be able to be part of the innovation.

Here are some links to get an additional overview of the work i hope to engage in.

Also take a look at this interesting visualization of the Big Data @ AI Landscape by Matt Turck and Demi Obayomi

Also read the blog post for insight.

One thing that sticks out to me in the blog post is “according to CB Insights, China accounted for only 9% of global AI deal share but nearly 48% of global AI funding in 2017”. Food for thought.

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