Made the finals and attending MSInspire in Las Vegas!

On June the 7th i was notified about being a finalist in Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards in the category “Partner Seller Excellence in Technology, Sales and/or Licensing”.

I am extremely humbled and honored for this recognition, it is a personal career highlight that i will look back on many times, and remind my self that we constantly need to be open minded and adapt to the new IT ecosystem, services and technologies.

Being a “Partner seller Cloud Solutions Architect” (P-CSA) for Microsoft gives me the forum where i am able to remove blockers in any cloud adoption or transformation project.

The award is individual but the success behind it is a team effort! I would like to thank Avanade Denmark for being a great employer and the colleagues for being professional, technical and in front of the Cloud movement. I have found a home for my passion and the colleagues to share it with, but also the customers that are driving adoption, innovation and have started massive cloud transformations. Thanks to these projects we are able to excel and be in the front of the cloud revolution.

Reflecting on the past 4 years, since i first came in contact with the role P-Seller, makes me realize how much can happen in a year. I would like to thank some key people making this possible for me.

  • Håkan: Who was my former boss that thought i should be P-Seller and initiated the enrollment
  • Oscar: Who enrolled med and supported me with getting started and connected as P-Seller in Sweden
  • Jimmy Johansen: Who got me enrolled as a P-Seller in Denmark and supported me through my engagements that lead to the Partner of the Year award.
  • Avanade and the Avande Denmark colleagues for being Awsome!

So due to the finalist spot i am attending Microsoft Inspire in Las Vegas for the first time, looking forward to network with like minded and hear some industry trends and solutions. AI seems to be a key point in the overall agenda . (Suprise :))

During #MSInspire i will be looking deeper into the AI and Big Data tracks, sessions and focus some networking towards this. The future is looking really interesting and it is exiting to be able to be part of the innovation.

If you are attending Inspire and would like to connect, just ping me @Michael_Jonsson

Looking forward to an inspiring week!

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