Azure Resource Manager (ARM) basics links

I have been building some ARM (Json) Templates recently and deploying them both with Visual studio and with PowerShell, will try them in the Ibiza portal also.

There are some great content to get you started out there, just pick one of the guides and finish it.

Here are some links I really recommend to look at to get started. (not so much videos since most of the link here are to documentation that is upgraded frequently)

Here is a clip from recent AzureCon

Azure Resource Manager overview

Step through creating a Resource Manager-based Azure Virtual Machine with PowerShell

Create and preconfigure a Windows Virtual Machine with Resource Manager and Azure PowerShell

How can I create an IaaS VM using Azure Resource Manager?

Azure Quick start Templates

If you really want to deep dive and understand what, why and how there are some great content on Channel9 and Microsoft Virtual Academy but the really juicy stuff you will get from this Whitepaper by @KristianNese, he also has some nice blogposts on

Then do these tasks (some will be same from the links above)

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