Finding Azure VM size syntax for Azure Resource Manager

I have had an issue with using old syntax for the Azure VM size when I fiddle with Azure Resource Manger.

The issue is that in the old AzureServiceManagement we use small, medium, large etc for some VMs. These are the first naming standards available when Azure IaaS became Generally Available.

When deploying VMs in the AzureServiceManagement mode you found the Syntax for the Azure VM size with the command Get-AzureRolesize.

If you follow the guides for Azure Resource Manager and try the Quick start Templates the VM sizes are always prepped with a size, if you want to change it and use the old naming, for example “small” you will get an error informing you that this in not available and giving you example on available names.

That’s great but I usually want to know the valid options and used to get a reminder by using the command Get-AzureRolesize | ft” , now in AzureResourceManager mode this command does not work.

To get the AzureVm Sizes available in mode AzureResourceManager you can use Get-AzureVMSize –Location northeurope |ft”
change the location to your preferred location.

The naming convention is more logical for the V2 VMs and no more Small, Medium etc.

Also try “Get-AzureVMSize northeurope | Select Name

Hope this is useful information.

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