Getting Started With Azure PowerShell 1.0 Preview #ARM

The evolution never stops!

I have been doing some Azure Resource Manager related work with building templates and setting up governance with processes and management for a service organization, the challenge in this is seldom the technical solutions J (even though there are room for improvement on the technical side also)

So Azure PowerShell 1.0 Preview is available

The Azure PowerShell team is laying the foundation for the future of Azure PowerShell with the release of 1.0 Preview. The goals of Azure PowerShell 1.0 are the following:

  • Enable better support for Resource Manager in Azure Automation
  • Separate Azure Service Management and Resource Manager functionality to provide clarity regarding features of Azure the cmdlets target
  • Enforce semantic versioning and ensure cmdlets authored against a given major version of Azure PowerShell will not encounter breaking changes from updates to Azure PowerShell
  • Distribute Azure PowerShell through WebPI and PowerShell Gallery to enable quicker delivery of new features and defect resolutions
  • Automation of Azure PowerShell MSDN reference documentation

Note: This is a breaking change for customers using the Azure Resource Manager cmdlets since these cmdlets now get prefixed with AzureRM. To ease the transition, customers can uninstall 1.0 Preview and reinstall 0.9.8 (see uninstall section below).

Since I have some interest in the Azure Resource Manager this is something I need to look into ASAP.

With the separation of the functionality, this means that the message we get when running Switch-AzureMode is gone.. (we are in the future..)

AzurePowerShell1.0 5

In detail what this message means and what is to be changed.

Getting Started With Azure PowerShell 1.0 Preview

  1. If not on Win10!! – Install WMF 5.0 (OBS! This uninstalled my Hyper-V Manager!! #¤%&!, should have done it on my testVM but I was to hyped to think twice….)

    OR install the preview of PackageManagement

    Verify that it is installed

  2. Then uninstall Windows Azure PowerShell 0.9.x

    Otherwise, you will probably get this error when running PowerShellGet commands for installing.

  3. Rerun Install-AzureRM

In total 24 modules is installed for the AzureRM

Now you have installed Azure PowerShell 1.0 and the Resource Manager Modules, you would need to Install-Module Azure for the Service Management to be able to manage the Service Management resources. To illustrate that AzureRm is installed and not the Azure module you see in this picture that Add-AzureAccount is not present.

Run Install-Module Azure this might take some minutes so no stress ;), you can then verify with Add-AzureAccount

  1. Once installed then Import the different Azure modules


    Import-Module Azure

    Once imported Verify with Get-Module

  2. Start managing your resources.

    Resource Manager #ARM

    Authenticate using Login-AzureRmAccount or Add-AzureRmAccount

    Service Manager #ASM

    Authenticate using Add-AzureAccount


Even if this is Preview, there is a big push to get this out of preview, so do not wait with getting started with it, especially if you are using #ARM, for example look at the main documentation for virtual machines.

Jump down to the create a VM with PowerShell, it is defaulted to #ARM.

It takes some getting used to with not using the Switch-AzureMode but again it is for the better.

If you are somewhat familiar with #ARM commands this is a short update on some of the new commands.

I will try to update the blog frequently with my progress going forward and building solutions on #ARM and PowerShell 1.0, if you are doing some #ARM templating this blogpost is useful.

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