Microsoft Azure MVP!

THE Mail

Friday November 1st, 2019 will be a day I remember!

I received THE mail, informing me I have been awarded Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional)

Extremely honored by this moment, I have savored it during the weekend 🙂

Not made any announcements until now.


The first time MVP kind of resonated with me as something that could be achievable was 5 years ago, someone hinted that the path I am on aligns with MVP requirements.

I had to think about that for some time but discarded it, how could I ever be eligible for that kind of an award?

Now, 5 years later I kind of understand, my work is also my hobby, it is not “work” when it comes to community efforts, that happens due to my personal interest and drive.

Of course, there is a lot of work and many hours spent with community efforts, but it does not feel like work. I do it because I want to share, want to learn, want to inspire and be inspired.

It took 4 more years before I got nominated, and then it was a long evaluation process wait only to end up in a negative response.

That was “fuel” to my own doubts, I am not good enough for an MVP. Brushed it off as fast as I could and just kept on with my regular agenda.

Family, Work, Meetups, speaking at conferences, blogging, mentoring etc.

Being engaged in the community I often was mistaken for an MVP followed by a surprised reaction when I said I was not.

Eventually in a discussion about the topic of not being an MVP I was nominated again, and the process began.

Several weeks later it is November 1st and I have been awarded MVP in Microsoft Azure category.

Looking very much forward to the near future with excitement on what experiences this program will bring and how it will inspire and motivate me.

Thank you

The Award is a result of community engagements and technical contributions, this is activities that take a lot of time, time that is used outside your normal working hours.

So, all personal time with family, friends and hobbies is sharing that time spent.

  • Mainly a big thank you to my family and mostly my wife, for covering home base when I am absent for meetups, conferences and spend nights fixing “just one more thing” etc.

Then there are several others that I need to thank!


Being awarded MVP is a personal highlight 2019, last year I had another highlight where I thanked some people, naturally they are to be thanked for this event also since it all adds up 🙂

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